Fishing Tip - Kurt Dove Cast With a Purpose

Often times bass can be very finicky. That's the reason lure manufacturers sell 20 different colors and 10 different sizes in every lure they produce. It's not just because they want to 'catch the fisherman' to purchase more products, but primarily because the fish will react to subtle little differences. They are providing you with the tools to catch fish in a multitude of situations.

If we are able to figure out the perfect bait with the perfect presentation everyday on the water, then we would all be a huge success. Yep there I said it... the reason we have difficulties in catching fish isn't because of the fish... it's because we are sometimes fishing incorrectly. So what do I think we need to do to fish correctly? Change up often when you are not having success. I have heard it way too many times - "I was crushing them yesterday on blah, blah, blah and I threw it all day today and only caught 2 fish."

Well if you threw something all day for 2 fish then obviously, at some point, you weren't casting with a purpose. You were probably just casting to be casting. We need to adjust quickly to feedback the fish are giving us. If you crushed them yesterday and are throwing the same thing today with no success then change up! The fish have changed and now you must change with them. I am guilty of the same thing, although recently in my tournament success in the BASS Northern Opens I was able to continue changing to conditions and feedback from the fish to be a consistent threat. Next time you hit the water make sure you are always casting with a purpose and you will have great success too!

Article Reprinted With Permission From: Boat Owners Association of The United States.

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