Sea Eagle 106srrik Sport Runabout… Lighter, More Compact
and Easier to Assemble

The Sea Eagle 106srrik is the baby sister of the Sport Runabouts, but it is no less rugged, responsive and sea worthy than its two big sisters.

Whereas the SE-12.6srrik and the SE-14srrik both have interlocking polyethylene floorboards, the SE-10.6srrik comes standard with a high pressure drop stitch inflatable floor; this gives it rigidity without weight.

However, the Sea Eagle 106srrik can be purchased with the poly floorboard instead of the drop stitch inflatable floor.

Both of these options have their benefits and disadvantages.

The benefits to the poly floor is that it provides more rigidity for standing and fishing, however it is heavier than the standard drop stitch inflatable floor.

The benefit of the inflatable floor when combined with the rigid inflatable keel is that it provides good stability in a much smaller, lighter package.

The Sea Eagle 106srrik Sport Runabout is 10.6’ long, 5’ 4” wide and with the drop stitch floor weighs 93 lbs.

With the poly floorboard it weighs 123 lbs.

The SE-10.6srrik is made with the same tough high-pressure 1000 denier fabric as its big sisters.

It is formulated with special additives to guarantee long term resistance to Ultraviolet rays, gasoline, oil and other chemicals.

All main seam are overlapped with an additional layer of material above and below for a total of 4 layers.

The Sea Eagle 10.6srrik Sport Runabout has a motor capacity of 15 hp with a 15” shaft and 125 lbs. maximum weight.

With a 9.9 hp motor it has an estimated speed of 16 mph.

It has recessed one-way air valves and can be assembled and inflated in 10 minutes.

Keep in mind that this is with the standard inflatable drop stitch floor. Assembly would take longer with the optional poly floorboard. Inflatable Boats

Standard Features of the Sea Eagle 10.6srrik are:

  • Outside drop stitch high pressure inflatable keel for precise turning
  • Reinforcement strips of material on bottom of pontoons
  • Pivoting oarlocks for easy rowing
  • Grab lines along sides for safety
  • Bow carry handles with two lifting handles on sides
  • Two bow D-rigs for towing
  • Self-bailing drain valve
  • All around and under the keel rubbing strake for extra protection
  • Round rear pontoons for easy planing
  • Repair kit and printed instructions.

You can enjoy big savings by taking advantage of Sea Eagle’s Package Deals which include the SE-10.6srrik plus selected accessories at one low price.

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