Sea Eagle 14srrik Sport Runabout… Workhorse of the Sea

Used regularly by both police and fire departments, the Sea Eagle 14srrik Sport Runabout can accommodate up to a 40 hp engine, and its 6" rigid inflatable keel (RIK) cuts through chop with ease.

The Sea Eagle 14srrik is extremely stable and truly seaworthy in the roughest conditions.

This rugged bat can handle everything from placid lakes to ocean swells because they are over-engineered and overbuilt for strength and extraordinary durability.

One of the striking and important features of the 14srrik is the round shape at the end of the pontoons.

Most inflatable boats are made with pontoons ending in a cone shape which causes the boat to go forward with the bow up and take longer to get on a plane.

The 14srrik’s rounded

pontoon allows it to get up on a fast and easy plane providing you with more visibility - rather than just looking at the bow.

It is light, responsive, fast and just plain fun to pilot.

It is 14 feet long , 6 feet wide and is made of 1000 Reinforced Denier with Quadruple Overlap Seams. It weighs 107 lbs. w/o floorboards and 187 pounds with the molded polyethelene floorboards installed.

It has an engine capacity of 40 hp with a maximum weight of 175 lbs. and can carry seven adults or 2,000 lbs.

With a 40 hp motor and two adults onboard it can attain a speed of 30 mph and 25 mph with four adults.

It has four recessed one way air valves and can be inflated and assembled in 30 minutes.

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Standard Features of the Sea Eagle 14srrik Sport Runabout are:

  • Interlocking polyethylene floorboards
  • Outside drop stitch high pressure inflatable keel for precise turning
  • Pivoting oarlocks for easy rowing
  • All around fabric hugging grab lines for safety
  • Bow carry handle with four lifting handles on sides
  • Two bow D-rings for towing
  • Self-draining drain valve
  • All around rubbing strake and under the keel for extra protection
  • Round rear pontoons for easy planning
  • Repair kit and printed instructions

You can enjoy big savings by taking advantage of Sea Eagle’s Package Deals which include the SE-14srrik plus selected accessories at one low price.

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