To My Readers: A Plea for Help

I began this website almost three years ago because of my passion for Lake Powell, the beautiful country surrounding it and my desire to share it with others in both words and images.

I had hoped that within three years the site would, if not profitable, at least be self-sustaining, i.e. it would generate enough income to pay the annual web-host fee.

Unfortunately that has not been the case.

Income on a website like mine is dependent upon receiving a large number of daily visitors; visitors who will click on the advertising or use the products or services offered by affiliates.

This has not happened.

I am still hoping to turn this around, but I need your help in the form of articles or submissions. This is your chance to share your experiences, your photos, your vacations, your opinions, your likes and dislikes.

Your submissions will generate interest and in turn elicit comments and more submissions.

Thank you for using the submission forms found on almost every page.

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