Water Under the Bridge

by Captain Billy

This very interesting and informative website which is amazingly balanced and fair to both sides makes it very clear that the purposes of the Glen Canyon Act authorizing construction of Glen Canyon Dam and creating Lake Powell have been realized beyond anyone's imagination.

While a very small minority attempt to continue the argument in the blogs, the debate is over and the main decisions have been made. This issue is now nothing more than "Water under the Bridge".

Draining Lake Powell is "Outside the Circle of Reality" according to former Secretary of the Interior Bruce Babbitt.

In fact, the Sierra Club gave its blessing to construction after it fought and won protection for Dinasour National Park and construction of the dam downstream that would have flooded the Grand Canyon.

It is time to make sure that the benefits of Glen Canyon continue for generations to come.

These benefits are well known including low cost power generation, mineral production royalites from Black Mesa, jobs for Native Americans, recreational opportunities, tourism, Page and on and on.

It is hard to believe that these may be even more important than the beauty of Lake Powell and the opportunity it affords people from all over the world to explore and experience the American West at its Best!

Captain Billy

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